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Kiko Goats

Whether you need one ...five ... fifty... one hundred goats or more, registered purebreds or commercial, we want to supply you with exceptional livestock that will help you meet your project goal. 

Cow Mountain Kiko genetics provide structurally correct conformation, with excellent udders,  teats, and feet; hardiness and thriftiness; fertility,  milkability & motherability; parasite resistance; pleasing temperament; and excellent health and body condition.  Perhaps most important, these characteristics are best expressed on natural forage.
Registered Kiko buck and pregnant does on winter browse
Photo - A young Kiko buckling

        Spring 2005 buckling, like father, like son.  


Mature registered Kiko buck "LB" and pregnant
    does on winter forage 2004.

Kiko Goats for Sale
Registered and commercial bucks, does, yearlings and kids, in excellent health and body condition on natural forage, are ready for your breeding, stocker or vegetation management project.  Trained to dogs & electric fences.

Availability changes frequently.  Please contact us for a current price list.


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